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Details for User Name Christopher_Y






Available From:   September 19,2017










Available for Country(s):United States  


State:   CA, ID, MT, WA, CO, WY, NM, AZ, NY, VT, MI, KY, TN




City: All  


























Ranch and Residential-Maintenance, Improvements and Caretaking  




Dedicated and reliable
Maintenance Caretaker Looking
to fill the holes in my
driveway of life. Currently
employed in a couple
capacities from May-Sept. I
work as Maintenance Manager at multi-recreational
lodge.. Also during this time
I caretake a luxurious
mountain home and the
grounds. My responsibilities
at these two positions alone
are quite extensive. I am
looking to fill the times
when I'm not in this
October-April. With me you
will get reliability,
dedication, and someone with
some passion for the things
they do.  




Skills and Experience: Guest Ranch Maintenence, Property Caretaking, Equipment Operation, Groundskeeping, Flood Irrigation, Resort Maintenance  





Preferences and Motivations: Estates, homes, ranches, resorts, fall jobs, winter jobs